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*Turkish Alphabet *Turkish Sounds with Equivalents *Yumuşak G
*Turkish Vowel Pronunciations *Front Vowel Exercises *Back Vowel Exercises
*Pronunciation Differences *Dotted Turkish Vowels *Undotted Turkish Vowels

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*Pronunciation of the Tailed Letters *Survival Turkish Vocabulary List
*Turkish Nouns *Indefinite Article *Turkish Singular Demonstrative Pronouns
*Saying-What is this-What is that *Singular Demonstrative Exercises


Turkish Grammar Pages

You are going to find plenty of useful information about Turkish grammar on our comprehensive website. The Turkish grammar pages can be downloaded clicking on the pictures.


*Pluralizing Turkish Nouns*Turkish Major Vowel Harmony
*Major Vowel Harmony Exercises*Pluralizing Exercises
*Plural Demonstrative Pronouns*Saying What are these - those

Turkish Grammar Fundamentals

Every Turkish learner must learn fundamental Turkish grammar principles accurately. If you have just started studying Turkish, you will need to understand the basic rules of Turkish language. Developing a solid base in Turkish grammar will not only help you form your own sentences accurately but will also make it much easier to develop your communication skills in both spoken and written Turkish.

*Plural Demonstrative Pronoun Exercises*Using Adjectives
*Singular Plural Demonstrative Pronoun Exercises
*Complete Turkish Major Vowel Harmony Rules with Examples*Compound Nouns


Grammar is Just a Tool!

Always remember that learning Turkish grammar is only one part of learning Turkish language. So don’t make yourself feel bored with that! Learning structures that will help you when you talk or write is the best way to success. Language exists for communication and it must be just fun when you are a learner!

*Compound Noun Exercises
*Consonant Harmony Rules*Word Mutation Rule
*Consonant Harmony Rules*Suffix Mutation Rule
Grammar Basics is for beginners who need help to understand the basics of grammar. We will use very simple phrases and expressions to help you with your Turkish grammar.
  • Daily Common Experssions
  • Personal and Possesive Pronouns
  • Buffer Letters
  • Pronunciation techniques
  • Numbers, questions words, months …
And so more …
Fun and motivating grammar lessons for elementary learners, enhanced with various types of subjects and resources. Short, interesting, enjoying topics with answer and question technique. Optional homework activities in order to prepare for the following lessons.
  • Simple Present Tense
  • Talking about yourself and others
  • Comparision&Superlative
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Modals
And so more …
Intermediate grammar lessons targeted at different  needs and situations. Flexible course structures with prepared programs. Intenser vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.
  • Revision of Previous Levels
  • Modals and Conditionals
  • Clauses
  • Suffixes
  • Verb Forms
And so more …
Advanced grammar Lessons for the students who already have high standard of Turkish but who want to develop their accuracy in both speaking and writing as well as extend their vocabulary range in Turkish.
  • Reviewing and extending language skills
  • Developing your vocabulary
  • Communicating with more confidence
  • Improving your Pronunciation
  • Determining your daily speaking patterns
*Question And Negative Sentence Exercises
*Talking About Existence*There is - are Exercises
*Consonant Harmony Rules*Suffix Mutation Rule

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