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skype-group-public-online-turkish-lessons-for-classesPublic Turkish Lessons

Maybe you are a  Turkish teacher who would like to have a Native speaker to visit his classroom via skype? One of our native teachers may be your guest during your Turkish classes.

This service has been especially designed for the teachers who are non-native speakers of Turkish language. Your students may have the chance to practise with a native Turkish speaker during your classes.We also provide public tutoring services for groups through skype.

Just contact us for rates and details.

Beginner Turkish Lessons for Classes

Turkish Speaking Basics is for Turkish speaking beginners who need help to understand the basics of speaking Turkish. We will use very simple phrases and expressions to help you with your Turkish speaking.

  • Daily Common Turkish Experssions
  • Turkish Personal and Possesive Pronouns
  • Buffer Letters
  • Pronunciation techniques
  • Numbers, questions words, months …

And so more …

Elementary Turkish Lessons for Classes

Fun and motivating Turkish speaking lesson for elementary learners, enhanced with various types of subjects and resources. Short, interesting, enjoying topics with answer and question technique. Optional homework activities in order to prepare for the following lessons.

  • Simple Present Tense
  • Talking about yourself and others
  • Comparision&Superlative
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Modals

And so more …

Intermediate Turkish Lessons for Classes

Intermediate Turkish speaking lessons targeted at different  needs and situations. Flexible course structures with prepared programs. Intenser vocabulary and Turkish pronunciation exercises.

  • Revision of Previous Levels
  • Modals and Conditionals
  • Clauses
  • Suffixes
  • Verb Forms

And so more …

Advanced Turkish Lessons for Classes

Advanced Turkish Speaking Lessons for the students who already have high standard of Turkish but who want to develop their accuracy in both speaking and writing as well as extend their vocabulary range in Turkish.

  • Reviewing and extending language skills
  • Developing your Turkish vocabulary
  • Communicating with more confidence
  • Improving your Pronunciation
  • Determining your daily speaking patterns
Now you will have a native Turkish visitor in your Turkish course that you can practise Turkish with. It will be really a great oppotunity for your students and they will love speking Turkish with a native Turkish speaker.

online-turkish-question-lessons-contactHow do the Lessons Work?

1-Fill up the little form below to take a free trial lesson that your teacher will determine your needs and level.

2-An e-mail that includes your teacher’s skype and google id and avaliable hours informations will be sent to you quickly. If you use another instant messenger, Please inform us about it.

3-After the trial lesson, schedule your lessons with flexible hours according to your availability using online booking calendar.

Terms And Conditions

Number of Learners

We offer one to one and group lessons up to five individuals. The Turkish language level of learners must be equal or close enough in order to be able to take group lessons.

Language Requirements

Your English level must be at least elementary level or more in order to take benefits of skype Turkish lessons.

Online Conferencing Software

You are going to need


that are free conferencing softwares, and a headset.

PDF Reader Software

You will also need a

PDF viewer software

in order to read the learning materials that you are going to receive from us

Turkish Learning Materials

We generally use our specially designed Turkish learning materials during the lessons. If the students would like to use different books, they must inform us before the lessons.

Lesson Fees and Payment Method

We accept payments through Paypal or IBAN bank transfer. Paypal is the safest and easiest way to make payments online.

Lesson Fees

30$ for an hour.

27$ for two hours in a week.

25$ for three  hours in a week.

22$ for five hours in a week.

Native Turkish teachers will provide a natural way of learning Turkish words and grammar. Students will learn how to properly pronounce words and phrases. They will also learn how to speak the language using proper grammar and vocabulary.

Online Turkish Lessons For Classes

Now you don’t have to look for a native Turkish speaker to pracitse with. The teacher guides your students through the lesson, corrects their mistakes and offers detailed advice about how to improve language abilities. It’s a fantastic chance to practice listening, speaking, pronunciation and basic fluency skills!

Native speaker teachers provide a natural way of learning Turkish words and grammar. Students will learn how to properly pronounce words and phrases. They will also learn how to speak the language  using proper grammar and vocabulary. Teacher can provide instant and accurate feedback to help students overcome bad speech patterns.

As a teacher you just need to determine the time, day and the topics that will be spoken on.  All you need to provide are a broadband internet connection, speakers and a microphone. The online conversations for Turkish classes will be a very convenient activity  for your your students  to try their skills they have  learned in the course. That’s why we  take every step to make it a supportive and interesting experience.

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