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tomer-turkish-language-exam-learn-study-training-lessons-skype-teacherTurkish Language Exams

If you have have a  Turkish exam coming soon, You can easily prepare for any specific Turkish exam with our qualified Native Turkish team.


If you’re interested in taking an exam in Turkish in order to gain a recognised qualification then you have several options depending on your exact needs. Having a certificate or qualification in Turkish can be a benefit for your career or education.

At online Turkish lessons our specially trained teachers can provide you with the guidance and support you need for Turkish certificates giving you a real advantage when it comes to the final exam.

International Turkish Language Test by TÖMER

What is the International Turkish Test ?

Turkish test is a placement and certification test which evaluate your Turkish level as a foreign language skill.

Tests were made by TEST CENTERS in abroad. Turkish Test consists of 5 main sections based in computer. It is a test which is evaluated by ‘Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Grammar’ skills of people who learn Turkish as a foreign language. A certificate is given to successful applicants according to their levels.

Who can Apply for the Turkish Test?

People who want to evaluate their language skills, want to study in university in Turkey, applied for a scholarship program in Turkey, wants to certificate their Turkish level in business area, can attend this test.

Sections of Turkish Language Test

Reading- Comprehension: This is a section which evaluates reading skills with multiple choice questions.
Listening: This is a section which evaluates listening skills with multiple choice questions.

Speaking: This section is being organized in 2 different ways: Dialogue and verbal lectures.

Writing: This is a section which consists of questions which evaluate skills of using Turkish in writing.

Grammar: This is a section which evaluates grammar skills with multiple choice questions.

Turkish Language Certifications

There are 5 different tests (A1, A2 basic level, B1, B2 intermediate level, C1 advanced level) which is appropriate with International Turkish Test Europe Language Criterion. Applicants can join which they want and get this level’s certificate.

What is validity period of certificates?

They are valid 2 years from the time the applicants get it.

These courses will fully prepare you for your chosen exam or can be used in addition to an exam preparation course you are already taking providing you with the extra tuition you might need to succeed.

tomer-turkish-language-exam-learn-study-training-lessons-skype-teacher-turkeyTurkish Examination Lessons’ Scope

After contacting  online Turkish lessons we will assign you a teacher who has experience with the exam you are wishing to take and you decide how many lessons you have each week lasting either 30 minutes or 1 hour. These courses will fully prepare you for your chosen exam or can be used in addition to an exam preparation course you are already taking providing you with the extra tuition you might need to succeed.

Courses vary depending on the exam you are taking and cover all aspects of exam preparation you would expect, with one to one tutoring on reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar exam preparation. A real advantage of taking an exam preparation course with online Turkish lessons is that you can be very flexible with the times of the lessons and length of course so that it’s very easy to fit in with work and busy time schedules.

online-turkish-question-lessons-contactHow do the Lessons Work?

1-Fill up the little form at the rightto take a free trial lesson that your teacher will determine your needs and level.

2-An e-mail that includes your teacher’s skype and google id and avaliable hours informations will be sent to you quickly. If you use another instant messenger, Please inform us about it.

3-After the trial lesson, schedule your lessons with flexible hours according to your availability using online booking calendar.

Terms And Conditions

Number of Learners

We offer one to one and group lessons up to five individuals. The Turkish language level of learners must be equal or close enough in order to be able to take group lessons.

Language Requirements

Your English level must be at least elementary level or more in order to take benefits of skype Turkish lessons.

Online Conferencing Software

You are going to need


that are free conferencing softwares, and a headset.

PDF Reader Software

You will also need a

PDF viewer software

in order to read the learning materials that you are going to receive from us

Turkish Learning Materials

We generally use our specially designed Turkish learning materials during the lessons. If the students would like to use different books, they must inform us before the lessons.

Lesson Fees and Payment Method

We accept payments through Paypal or IBAN bank transfer. Paypal is the safest and easiest way to make payments online.

Lesson Fees

30$ for an hour.

27$ for two hours in a week.

25$ for three  hours in a week.

22$ for five hours in a week.

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