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Writing well is an essential skill in every language. Each language and culture has its own specific patterns and expressions in order to be used in correspondences.

You are going to have a native Turkish penfriend who has many prepared interesting writing plans. You will learn accepted, common Turkish  writing patterns and discuss about different daily, live subjects through emails.

Since our prepared Turkish writing plans are completely flexible, students can choose any subject or state their learning purposes directly at the beginning.


How to Write E-mails in Turkish

Email is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with family, friends, business contacts, and strangers. In the business world, it is any easy, fast way to keep in touch with co-workers and employers.

Sooner or later, you may have to write a few Turkish emails yourself. Turkish writing lessons have been designed for the students to discover simple secrets that will add a high level of professionalism into their emails.

Learn how to write e- mails with general, commonly used e-mail examples and patterns in Turkish.

Official Turkish Correspondences

The ability and the importance of communication become much more crucial when you are on a mission or need to fulfill a goal. Without a means to communicate, your organization will become isolated.

Official writing skill is a necessity as we use it to network, spread ideas, and promote.  The importance of official writing is crucial to the success of your organization because you need to reach out in order to fulfill your mission.

You are going to learn different writing techniques and examples in order to be able to communicate with your customers or business partners during the online writing lessons.

Useful Turkish Writing Subjects

  • Applying for a job
  • Booking a conference room at a hotel
  • Telling colleagues to attend a meeting
  • Complaining about different things
  • Thanking a customer
  • Apologising to an important business contact

And so more …

Choose the subject and contact with us. You will have a native Turkish teacher who will improve your writing by using emails.

online-turkish-question-lessons-contactHow do the Lessons Work?

1-Fill up the little form below to take a free trial lesson that your teacher will determine your needs and level.

2-An e-mail that includes your teacher’s skype and google id and avaliable hours informations will be sent to you quickly. If you use another instant messenger, Please inform us about it.

3-After the trial lesson, schedule your lessons with flexible hours according to your availability using online booking calendar.

Terms And Conditions

Number of Learners

We offer one to one and group lessons up to five individuals. The Turkish language level of learners must be equal or close enough in order to be able to take group lessons.

Language Requirements

Your English level must be at least elementary level or more in order to take benefits of skype Turkish lessons.

Online Conferencing Software

You are going to need


that are free conferencing softwares, and a headset.

PDF Reader Software

You will also need a

PDF viewer software

in order to read the learning materials that you are going to receive from us

Turkish Learning Materials

We generally use our specially designed Turkish learning materials during the lessons. If the students would like to use different books, they must inform us before the lessons.

Lesson Fees and Payment Method

We accept payments through Paypal or IBAN bank transfer. Paypal is the safest and easiest way to make payments online.

Lesson Fees

30$ for an hour.

27$ for two hours in a week.

25$ for three  hours in a week.

22$ for five hours in a week.

Learn how to wirte e-mails in Turkish with your native Turkish penfriend and develop your language skills through correspondences whenever, wherever you like.


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