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2- Turkish Nouns

There are no different genders of nouns in Turkish language. Therefore learners do not have to struggle with remembering if a noun is masculine or feminine. Turkish language is a very systematic and organized after learning its fundamental building stones. Turkish, at the same time takes advantage of using different suffixes instead of using prepositions, conjunctions etc like in English.

2.1- Indefinite article “Bir”

The word “Bir” both means One and a/an. It can be used as an indefinite article (a/an) that precedes a noun and as a cardinal number in Turkish language. An indefinite article may be used before a singular noun unless a definite article is used just like in a grammatical English sentence. However it can not be considered as an imperative grammar rule that has to be applied all the time.

Although we should learn how to use the indefinite article “bir” in order to make grammatically correct sentences, the necessity and usage of indefinite article may differ in daily life and conversations.

Now, please have a look at the examples in the table below and practice pronouncing them.

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Usage of indefinite article in Turkish grammar.

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2.2- Singular Demonstrative Pronouns “Bu, Şu, O”

Demonstrative pronouns represent or stand in for a person, place or thing that must be pointed to. They may function as subjects, objects or objects of the preposition. They are widely used when referring to places, people or expressions. Demonstratives often accompany our gestures.There are three demonstrative pronouns that are used according to the distances that they point in Turkish

“Bu” (this) is generally used to point or refer the things that are close to you. “Bu” can be also used for the things that has just been mentioned in a conversation or a text.

“Şu”(that) must be used for the things at a considerable distance. Şu can be used to direct the listener’s attention towards a thing not previously mentioned during the conversation. But as soon as the listener notices the thing referred to, both of the speakers have to begin to use the demonstrative pronoun“Bu” .

Please be careful with using the demonstrative pronoun “Şu”, because sometimes “Şu” may have a slightly derogatory meaning in daily life.Thus, we should be careful when we put it in a sentence to point the people that we do not know. But the demonstrative pronoun “Şunlar” can be used for the things in any situation.

“O” (that) must be used for the things that are far away. This demonstrative pronoun is also used as a personal pronoun to say he, she, it in Turkish. The difference between “şu” and “o” can be hard to understand for the foreign people. Our suggestion is to use “o”. Native speakers use “şu” seldom. “O” can replace “şu” in every situation, bu do not try the reverse because “şu” cannot always replace “o”.

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Usage of singular demonstrative pronouns in Turkish grammar.
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2.3- Saying “What is this ?” ”Bu ne ?, Bu nedir ?” “What is that ?””O ne ?, O nedir ?”

There are two forms of saying “What is this” in Turkish language. In everyday conversation people generally say “Bu ne ?” which is informal and less polite than saying “Bu nedir ?”. The demonstrative pronoun “Bu” can be changed with “Şu or O” in order to say “What is that” “Şu ne” or “O ne” .

Now please have a look at the first three examples in the table below and create your own questions and answers putting the words in a correct order just like in the examples. As always please, do not hurry while you are pronouncing the sounds and do not let your brain interfere this process by listening to your own voice carefully.

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Turkish singular demonstrative pronoun example sentences.

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From Students

  • Another excellent lesson. After only a couple of lessons with this teacher I feel more confident and have started to think that learning Turkish might be possible after all!

    Elena - Russia

  • Great first session, I will be taking this class again. I like how we read and speak Turkish together. The most helpful part for me was listening to simple questions in Turkish about the short reading; it helped with my understanding. I definitely recommend online skype Turkish lessons for Turkish learners.

    Rick - United States

  • Professional and fun teaching approach throughout the online lessons. I have been taking classes for more than 3 months and I will continue taking lessons until acquiring Turkish language properly.

    Eric - Istanbul

  • Very promising trial section using a basic reading passage. We red and translated the passage and then I answered many super easy questions about the passage aloud. Teacher is able to speak english well and that makes the lesson more effective

    Mitch - America

  • My first lesson with the teacher was a very positive experience. He quickly gauged my level and within minutes we were studying vowel concordance and consonant mutation, which is something I always find very tricky. I look forward to my next lesson.

    Masako - Japan

  • Another fantastic lesson with this teacher, who is very patient but also manages to challenge the student. I felt that by the end of the lesson I was much more confident with major vowel harmony, although I will definitely need to revise on my own what we studied as Turkish is SO FUN!

    Jane - England

  • I know I will succeed! I am very grateful to you for your help, sometimes I do not have the energy or time to study well. But with you having fun and you always understand what I'm trying to say.

    Cecile HUNGORN - Japan

  • Dear Teacher, I am speechless!!!!!!! The Best Lesson!!!!! You are a GREAT TEACHER!!! You make Turkish Grammar be so understandable!!! Thank you!!!

    Umar - America

  • Duru is an excellent teacher and the session was great. In this session she went through all the Turkish resources we might use in the course and explained how the different classes work. She also answered a lot of questions I had about pronunciation, grammar and informal conversation. Thanks.

    Ratul KERMET - India

  • I really enjoy talking with the teachers  of this web site. They really are  friendly, professional and helpful. They have  a long list of questions that can be used, or you can just hold a simple general conversation. The teachers speak english very well and can easily explain how to say something, or what something means. When a word or phrase comes up that you don't know, they correct  you and types in the word on the message box so you can review it later. I highly recommend the services of this web site.

    Tim - İstanbul

  • A very nice and patient teacher. Thank you, this was really a fun lesson. I enjoyed it very much. We read a text and he asked me many many questions based on the text. We talked about some unknown vocabulary and he answered all my questions! A very convincing first lesson. See you soon!

    Jennifer - America

  • Excellent session I felt that I could learn and study better. Besides the helpful Turkish exercises that we did together, we talked about many different topics in Turkish what help me to get more confident in speaking.

    Renato  - Portuguese

  • I would recommend this web site to others. I have just started learning Turkish and this was only my first speaking lesson with a live tutor. Teacher sent me some roleplay and exercises before the class which we used during the lesson. The lesson was a combination of reading and understanding the roleplay and then an introduction into some grammer exercises. Teacher also set some homework for correction. I look forward to having the next class.

    Neil - Australia

  • Turkish Teachers are not only professional but also so friendly, I feel like knowing them so long time.  I love their approach that help me understand and feel better.

    Nataly TORBNU - Russia

  • Good study materials and teacher speaks Turkish slowly, just like in real life language teacher who teaches students in class. Just that, the internet connection and sound quality were good as well, that I could hear the sound very clearly. I plan to double my Turkish lessons in the future. Thank you so much.

    Adel - Brazil

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