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Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki (As Time goes by) is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
Merhamet (Mercy) is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
It is a licensed adaptation of Revenge and is jointly produced by Disney and In D house Productions, the production wing of Kanal D.
Galip Derviş is a Turkish comedy television series broadcast by Kanal D.
It is a Turkish comedy TV series about the lives of actors and actresses in Cihangir, Istanbul, an up-and-coming neighbourhood with a lot of bohemians and nouveau riche families.
Veda (farewell) is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
Arka Sokaklar Turkish for back alleys or back streets, a long-running television crime series on Turkish Kanal D, was first broadcast in July 2006.
Sultan is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
Tolga Çevik (born May 12, 1974 in Istanbul) is a Turkish actor and comedian. He studied theatre at Central Missouri State University in the USA
It is the new series of Hazal KAYA who is a young, promising Turkish actress
Çalıkuşu is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
A very adventurous television crime series
A new historical tv series
Güneşi beklerken is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
Güzel Çirkin is a Turkish detective television series broadcast by Kanal D.
İnadına yaşamak is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
Kayıp is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.
Vicdan is a Turkish drama television series broadcast by Kanal D.

Turkish Series in the World

Turkish series (televizyon dizileri) are extremely popular in Turkey and are among the countries. Turkish series  industry has played a crucial role in increasing Turkey’s popularity in all the world. In a survey carried out in 16 Middle Eastern countries by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation, three out of four of those surveyed said they had seen a Turkish series.

Turkish series feature relatively high production values, with production costs of nearly $100,000 per hour for high quality series, compared to $35,000 to $40,000 for Arab productions. Since 2001, 65 Turkish series have been sold abroad, bringing in over $50 million to the booming Turkish television industry. Turkish series are generally produced in Istanbul, as television companies chose to settle there after the wave of liberalization for private television in the 1990s.

Turkish television channels producing Turkish series include TRTKanal DShow TVStar TV, and ATV. The Turkish series market is marked by stiff local competition: out of the 60 dramas produced every year in the country, almost 50% don’t run for longer than 6 episodes due to the strong competition among the different local channels. This explains the high-quality of its products, and consequently their popularity.

Some Turkish series are more appealing to women, while some action series attract male audiences, which helps attract different types of advertisers for different viewerships. Some series have political overtones, including Ayrılık, which depicts the daily life of Palestinians under Israeli military occupation.


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Turkish Series in Balkans and South Eastern Europe

Turkish TV series are widely successful all over the Balkan Region. The most watched show in Bosnia and Herzegovina was “Magnificent Century“. In Kosovo, the most popular TV series in December 2012 were “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” (“What is Fatmagül’s fault”), which ranked top of all programmes and “Aşk ve Ceza (Love and Punishment)”, which came third according to data by Index Kosova. In Serbia, research from January 2013 indicates that the top two Turkish series in TV were “Magnificent Century,” which ranked fourth, and “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki (As Time Goes By),” which came seventh. Serbian sociologist Ratko Bozovic explains this popularity by pointing at the traditional, patriarchal values of the Turkish series, and the many cultural and linguistic similarities between Turkey and the Balkan countries: “The mentality depicted in those shows has to do with a traditional understanding of morality that people in Serbia remember at some level”. According to him all Balkan countries have seen dramatic changes in terms of family life, and the Turkish shows help them recall value systems that now seem lost.

In Macedonia, of nine Turkish series on air, five were ranked in January 2013 among the top 15 in terms of viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki” (“As time goes by”) and “Asi” came first and second in terms of viewers. “Zavet” (“Pledge”), “Annem” (“Mother”) and “Mazi Kalbimde Yaradir” (“Memories Still Hurt”) also ranked in the top 15. In fact, Turkish series are so successful in Macedonia, that the government passed a bill to restrict broadcasts of Turkish series during the day and at prime time, in order to reduce the Turkish impact on Macedonian society.

They are also widely watched by Bulgarian viewers. Nova Televizia broke the record for viewer numbers when it started broadcasting the Turkish soap opera Binbir Gece. The channel then decided to broadcast another Turkish series , Dudaktan Kalbe.

The Turkish series Binbir Gece became a primetime hit in Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as in Romania, Albania and Greece. It has increased the popularity of Istanbul as a tourist destination among Croatians, and led to a greater interest in learning Turkish.


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